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A little something about my gals MissCherry and Schpog.

For those who wonder: Of course we do have our porblems sometimes. Of course we all cry from time to time. And yes, there’s also jealousy sometimes. Just like in a “normal” realationship. But we all look out for each other and listen closely what the others have to say. When we fight it’s never about winning, it’s about problem solving. In the end the most important thing for me, and them, is that the others have a happy fullfilled life. (Not only a poly relationship should be like that). 

I am so happy I am with them. 

This. This makes me happy.

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Illustrators around the world are speaking out against Russia’s anti-gay laws, and they’re doing it through art. Illustrator Anna Goodson recently sent out an open call to illustrators around the world for artwork supporting LGBT people in Russia. Together, more than 40 submissions comprise the stunning collection she calls “Art Speaks Louder Than Words.” These are just a couple of my favorites; view the whole gallery here. (via the Huffington Post Gay Voices)

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